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Gedong Putih - Wedding & Event Venue

Gedong Putih exists in a slice of private property in Bandung highlands, right in the middle of landscaped lush greenery, surrounded by panoramic view overlooking the majestic Mount Tangkuban Parahu as the focal point of the remarkable scenery and backdrop to your memorable events.

Literally meaning ‘the white mansion’, Gedong Putih, designed by Jeffrey Budiman of Grain and Green, shows a modern take on the Landhuizen or country houses from the Dutch East Indies era - having a white façade and using vernacular architecture to give better air circulation. Measuring up to 1600 square meters of synthetic grass as the grounds of a five star luxury outdoor venue, Gedong Putih is also equipped with total of three, 350 square meters indoor facilities with their own unique mood and settings to facilitate different functions properly. Ranging from intimate gatherings to a grand garden wedding party, Gedong Putih will provide the perfect place to be the setting of your monumental milestones along the journey of your life.


‘Yes’ was the answer and what kind of wedding you would like to have is the next question. Let inspirations flow through you and let us all about the details. An afternoon garden gala all dressed in white, or traditional proceedings in a exclusive chamber worthy of royalties, or perhaps a modern and minimalist affair in the evening with a spectacular view. We can make it happen.

Corporate & Social Events

Successful milestone are achieved when ideas captivate and are conveyed within the right circumstance. We can provide the best environments to let that happen naturally. Our available event spaces will certainly facilitate various profiles of you occasions.

We’ll help you organize food, the drinks, and even the styling to make sure that your idea are getting across just like you envisioned it. Conferences, gala dinners, formal or semi-casual meetings, whatever business events you might have planned, we’ll make sure everything goes well, and the rest is up to you.


A great engagement is truly the beginning of a great wedding story. Its significance deserves a proper celebration over an intimate dinner with your loved ones. Your proposal has been accepted, and now is the time to prepare yourself for the exciting journey you’re about to embark upon. Take pictures of your magical moments in a exclusively curated venues where every angle is your best angle.

Private Party

Make your list of curated crowds and worry about nothing else, as we will take care of the rest. From intimate occasions to all-out functions. As a BFF birthday celebration or even a special gift for that someone special. Any kind of events in your wildest dreams can be arranged as there shall be no task shall be too difficult for us. Let us know about your plan and let’s make the event of the year.


From a lush green garden where the fresh mountain air dances around you, a beautiul hall surrounded in majestic white, to an eclectic dining hall where you can have an intimate procession with your loved ones.

A slice of pristine natural sanctuary spanning across 1600 square meters of private property, confined within rows of tropical trees, situated on the surroundings of our main building. The Garden is truly the perfect setting for the ultimate Garden Wedding.

Pure white walls stand up to the ceiling over hardwood floors, basked in natural sunlight complemented by the warm ambient lighting fixtures that will frame your sacred wedding in picturesque memory. If you’re having a solemn blessing or akad ceremony, this would be the perfect place.

A rustic, modern classic space adorned with wooden and exposed brick features, to lend your events a casual touch which invites people to be at ease and mingle, especially on the balcony area during a starry night.

An ethnic dining hall designed as an homage to its namesake which means ethereal beings who inhabit the skies. Inspired by regal Thai aesthetics to offer you an intimate banquet worthy of royalties.

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